Phil & Fiona's Irish railway sleeper landscaping- by hand!

Dear Kilgraney,
Thought I'd send some images of our garden. Unfortunately we didn't buy the sleepers from you as we are in Ireland, but I did use your site, and customers of yours for ideas. In the end we opted for a design that one of your customers had done (Nathan Bash, What a transformation, Thank you to you) but on a slighly larger scale.
As you will see we had Mount Everest for a garden when we moved in. All was done by hand, as mini digger would not fit down the side. And all was done by me as Friends were 'unavailable' , although my wife did all the flowers.
Phil and Fiona Co.Wicklow, Ireland
A wonderful looking project, and a brilliant transformation - all the more amazing for being dug by hand on your own. Very impressive.

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