Peter Davis's school raised beds with railway sleepers

Thanks for supplying the sleepers to Habitat pre-school, Kempston, Bedford.
I have routered the edges to make them a little more child safe.
Peter Davis
A quick and simple way of making raised beds in any situation, that are accessible and practical for all.
Ensure that the ground is reasonably flat and firm (you don't have to make concrete footings or hardcore), and check that the beds can drain freely.... otherwise you are making a raised pond! The rest is simple. Connect layer 1 of railway sleepers together with timberlok screws at each corner joint. Then place layer 2 on top of layer 1, and do the same, only positioning it so that the joints are overlapping (see picture). All that's left is to fasten layer 2 to layer 1, with screws, battens, or posts at each corner. Voila ! A functional planter that will please children and adults alike, and protect the back as well.

Peter Davis school raised beds 1
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Peter Davis school raised beds 1
Peter Davis school raised beds 3