Marcelo Miranda's house project with sleepers in Chile

Looking for ideas on how to build a lake shore house with sleepers I got to your website and I got many great ideas on landscaping, walls and and solutions (like
using Timberlock screws which I already bought in the US). I live in Chile so I'm buying the sleepers from the local railroad and not from you, but I was wondering if you might be interested in the pictures of how the construction is progressing after seeing you are featuring some ideas from the US as well.

I'm sending three pictures right now, one with the sleepers used for pillars on the ground, and the rest of the 120 of sleepers behind. And another one where you can see the perimeter pillars planted on concrete on the ground already and the center pillars laying on the ground. The
third image shows a the view outside from the future living room, and is sent just to justify why I chose this location.

I'm planning to do the walls out of sleepers also, the rest of the house will have reclaimed beams and old windows and doors found on an old convent and school demolition. The ground floor will have 13.0 by 6.0 meters, plus a 3 meter wide deck along the front and one side, and the
attic should add about 45 sq. meters more.

Let me know if you are interested in seeing the progress of the house, and thanks a lot for all the great ideas.
Not being able to find sleeper house tips, your site has been a valuable help to keep me going.

Marcelo Miranda
Santiago, Chile

Please keep sending the photos ! It's great to see the birth of what is an incredibly adventurous and unique project in the most breathtaking of settings (1000's of miles from us!)

Marcelo Miranda's house project  with railway sleepers
E-mail us YOUR photos !
Marcelo Miranda's house project  with railway sleepers 2
Marcelo Miranda's house project  with railway sleepers 3
Marcelo Miranda's house project  with railway sleepers 4