a world of railway sleepers.....

Welcome to the world of railway sleepers ! Wooden railway sleepers have been used for centuries for railway lines to fasten to.
Nowadays, although they are still widely used on the railway track, their popularity is increasingly with landscapers, builders & furniture makers. They are solid, long-lasting and full of character... yes, & often as easy to use as an oversize piece of lego. You can expect many decades of use from railway sleepers, whether outside in the garden, or inside as furniture or above your fireplace or windows.
Our railway sleepers are made of hardwood (Oak, Jarra, Beech, Karri, Azobe) or softwood (Pine) & largely come from Holland, Russia, France, Germany, UK, Australia & Africa.
We can supply you with both new & reclaimed railway sleepers (when railway tracks are replaced), & ones that are both treated & untreated.

You are welcome to visit us & see what we've got in stock, or ring us to discuss your project

Railway sleeper bed

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