cutting service

Cutting charges
Charges for cutting are worked out generally according to the size and nature of the material, and of course the quantity.
A hardwood railway sleeper costs £5.00 + Vat per cut. A softwood sleeper costs £4.00 + Vat per cut and a pine telegraph or landscaping pole, costs £3.00 + vat per cut.

We can normally complete a cutting order within 48 hours.You are welcome to keep the off-cuts if you want (just say). However, if they are smaller than 12 inches, they often split and are only fit for burning

We can cut railway sleepers and telegraph poles to size if you don't have the equipment (chainsaw, circular saw etc..), or if it speeds up your project. Sawing a sleeper by hand isn't much fun, especially if it's hardwood ! and believe me, people try ! We've known persistent gardeners take 40 minutes with a handsaw to cut one oak sleeper. Surely there's better things to do with your life ! At present we can ONLY 'cross-cut', e.g. cut an eight foot sleeper or pole down to five foot in length. We CAN'T cut 'length-ways', e.g. reduce the 10" width to 7", or plank the timber. You can try contacting a sawmill, although most are hesitant about cutting reclaimed timber. Most will insist that you agree to pay the price of broken blades should they hit a sleeper bolt or nail. At £240 a shot, it concentrates the mind ! ...

Urban myths: Some people have stated that it's dangerous to cut sleepers because they have bullets embeddied in them. Apparently, they say, the RAF and Luftwaffe sprayed railway tracks with machine gun fire, for target practice, during WW2.
We've never found one yet!

Can you believe it ? An older customer returned to Nottingham to pick up some more of the new 2.6m x 250mm x 75mm French oak, that he'd used to create the effect of beams in his kitchen. He said in passing that he'd planked one, and that it looked brilliant. "How did you cut it ?", we asked. "By hand", he replied with determination. He'd cut it with a hand saw and it had taken 10 hours. Astonishing determination !